Advisory Services

Cybersecurity is not simply a technology issue, it is a business issue. Cyber attacks and data breaches threaten the continuity of core business operations. Our advisory services help to guide CEOs, directors, and all leaders in your organization to risk-based decision making practices on cybersecurity matters.

This long term, relationship oriented service is built upon the proven track record of our professionals.  Our executive team has the experience of making these tough decisions with multiple organizations over their careers.  They understand the challenges that every organization has and will provide the following primary services:

  • Develop/Refine Cybersecurity Strategy to Align with Business Goals and Objectives

  • Evaluate Adequacy of Cybersecurity Framework including Budget and Staffing

  • Qualify the Board’s Role in Cybersecurity and Cyber Risk Oversight

  • Provide Guidance on Cybersecurity and Cyber Risk Matters

By protecting the organization and ensuring business continuity, the Board Advisory role will provide the critical services necessary to secure mission critical infrastructure and gain valuable insight into all levels of Cybersecurity service delivery.